Low cost International Calls

  • Low cost international and national calls from 1ct/min
  • Low cost international and national texts
  • High quality network
  • Customer Services in Dutch, English and Polish
  • No subscription, no registration fee, call immediately

Calling Abroad

Away from friends and family? Who wouldn't miss them? Fortunately, modern technology allows you to stay in touch. And we are making it even easier for you. Take 3 simple steps for low cost international calls directly from your own mobile.

  1. Order your free SIM card.
  2. Insert the SIM card in your device.
  3. Activate the SIM card and top-up your balance with call credit.

Your are now ready to place low cost calls to any international destination, wherever it may be!

The advantages of international calls via a Lebara SIM card:

  1. International calls via high-level networks
  2. No registration fee
  3. FREE calls from Lebara to Lebara up 30 minutes per call*
  4. Low cost calls from mobile and mobile and to landlines

*The start rate for Lebara Family (Lebara to Lebara) calls is 29 cents. The regular mobile rate is charged for each call after 30 minutes. Lebara Family rates are valid exclusively within the Netherlands and for calls to Dutch Lebara numbers.

International Tariffs

See how cheap it's to call here?

Low cost international calls from the Netherlands

Cheap international phone calls

In a multicultural society like the Netherlands, thousands of people want to call their loved ones in their country of origin. They want to take their time and use their mobile as usual, but to place international calls at an extremely low rate. And using a high-quality connection as if they were calling their neighbours.

Lebara Mobile makes it easy. Simply place low cost international calls using your prepaid SIM card on a high-quality network. From the Netherlands and from abroad. It's easy to top up your call credit via Lebara.nl.

Where are you calling?

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Top Up Offers

As a customer, you will receive attractive top-up offers.